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Zincq Watch is coming soon.



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Fashion X Technology

Change the look to suit your mood. It’s your choice.

A modern watch made for the modern world.

Packed with smart functions to make your life easier.


Make and take calls from your watch. Never miss an important phone call!


Appointment management

A simple glance to know the next event.

Control Music

Remote control music. Play, pause or skip, with simple swipes and taps.                                    

Unlock Smartphone

Unlock your smartphone by placing your Zincq smart watch next to it.

Fitness tracking

Monitors activities, calories burned, heart rate, and can keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals.

Phone out of range alert

Zincq reminds you whenever you leave your phone behind.

And more…


An elegant watch that you will wear.











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Zincq Watch is the combination of technology and fashion.

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